This Monkey

The idea for The Monkey in My Brain came from my best friend. The idea that even when we look most put together, there’s often the most random shit circulating through our heads. Clatter, songs, whistling and more. It’s like a brainy three ring circus in there. And hence The Monkey in My Brain was born.
A little about me:

I am a monkey. I love bananas. I embody Gemini. I lay claim to myself. Elle On a Mountain

There’s something else you should know about me. I cry. Almost every day. I cry happy tears and frustrated tears and painful tears. I cry Gemini tears. I can keep none of it inside. I rarely apologize for tears. This is a euphemism for who I am.

Words are my breathing mechanism. My coping mechanism. My machine and my organism.

I am as queer as I can manage. I used to just love women; now I’m sorting it out. I for sure love food, and also blog over at I run like the wind when I can drag myself out of bed. I’m bendy, much bendier than beckham. I’ve got secret talents and obvious flaws. There is a book in my hand right now. I bet. I tell ya, I am spectacular. A beautiful sight. A sparkle in the Universe. A rare find in the library of life. Walk with me. There is sunshine and a good stretch up ahead.



  1. It is almost impossible to refuse the offer to walk with you after such an introduction. And so I shall join you through your words; and look forward to discovering how you claim yourself through them. Although honestly, I would have peeked anyway because ‘monkey’ is one of my all-time favourite words.

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