Grateful Five Week 15

Yoga Bloopers

Grateful I didn’t break my neck during practice today.

I had started this week’s Grateful Five list, but as I went to finalize it, I realized that this week has been such a trial, such an incongruous mess of emotions and upendings that I was grasping to be grateful at all. And then today happened. A day where I ran and yoga-ed and wrote. I etched out the details of my future, and dared to contemplate a new life and a new me. Often, we get so bogged down with all the day-to-day crap that gratitude becomes difficult. Gratitude becomes a thing you search for, that you create, that you sketch out at the end of the week. Gratitude ceases to be a thing you are, do and live.

And so today, instead of creating, I acknowledge the space where gratitude should be, I acknowledge the week I’ve had, the person I’ve been and the growth that is being asked of me. And ironically, I now have all the space in the world for that thing I call gratitude.

What are you grateful for today?


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