Grateful Five Week 14

Gratitude Pictures

I’m very late with last week’s Grateful Five, but I’m still grateful so I’m posting anyway!

1. The mountains of Tucson
One if the things I miss most when I’m not in Tucson is the abundance of mountain range surrounding me. There’s something truly majestic about being surrounded by nature’s dirt castles.

2. Solo yoga practice
I’ve been embracing my solo practice more these days. Playing, aligning, sweating. I feel like finally I’ve gotten to a place where I can be diligent about it… even if I’m alone.

3. The delete button
It’s a beautiful thing. Use it wisely.

4. Yoga for sobriety
I wrote a little about it over at The Ginger Baby Reviews, but it was a beautiful experience. Knowing I can go and enrich my spirit when I really just want to run away from what hurts. It’s tough. And humbling. And empowering.

5. Mommy time
I got to see my mother this weekend who I missed terribly. It’s incredible to remember gratitude for her presence in my life.


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