Poem: April 4

Unfortunate Conflict of Interest

I keep trying to find a way to erase the line between you and I.
you are, it would seem, the irregularity, a syncopation in my heartbeat.
regrettably, the wiring of my blood and my desires began with you.
The day of my conception, September 1979,
led me to hollow out on this day, this present, this you.
Everything and everyone always leads me back to you.
an elevated honor for someone with such maladaptive wings.
You soar above me and beyond, always just out of reach.
perching on the periphery of every love that’s ever broken me.

we are connected, through blood, bone, time and space.
I stroke my lovers face and am reminded of your absence.
Would that you’d fly towards the sun and burst into flame.

***Quick piece from April 4th. I used the prompt from Napowrimo for this poem: http://www.napowrimo.net/2013/04/day-four/

Needs lots of work, but it happened! Another day down.



  1. There’s a lovely melancholic desperation to this piece. I think it’s one that you’ll want to revisit again and redraft at some point. Very nice, Elle!

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