Grateful Five Week 13

Photo of Session Yoga courtesy of Session Yoga.

Photo of Session Yoga courtesy of Session Yoga.

1. Game of Thrones.
Season premiere. Sunday. Nuff said.

2. Session Yoga
I feel like I’m cheating on my yoga studio. I’m whoring it out to anyone with a sun salutation and a challenging asana for sale. My latest mistress is Session Yoga, the class led by co-owner Chelsea. From the moment I walked in, I felt good about the decision. She was smiling and bright, she said hello (I know, it shouldn’t be a big to do, but it’s amazing how many business owners don’t greet their customers!), and the class ended up being super great. AND the studio is cozy and adorable. They’ve even got dressing rooms and hair ties (Sorry I broke mine, ladies! It’s this thick hair…). And it’s a hot power studio! Yup, this chick’s wet dreams! I’ll be seeing them a lot more in the future, I think.

3. Hot tubs
My buds just bought a new house and this includes the most amazing hot tub (wait, I’m sorry, SPA hehe) known to man. We sat in it running our mouths and sharing stories for many, many wrinkle producing hours. Oh, and my nails turned green. Told them, they’ve gotta work on that. I’ll be back to test it out.

4. New running trails
Since I’m now vehicularly mobile and training for a half marathon, I thought I’d check out some new running trails so that I can get outside and get to foot peddling away. I found one, which was just an okay trail, over near my house, but there was this lovely tree near it. I’m a sucker for trees. What can I say?

5. Honesty
I second guess myself sometimes. I want to share things with folks, tell them how I feel. I don’t. I’m scared they won’t feel the same, they’ll run away, they’ll make me a fool. I keep working up the courage, because a life of truth is much more loving that a life lived in fear. And honesty really IS the best policy.



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