Grateful Five Week 12

1. Yoga Workshops
Yoga Altar
I am grateful that I have the means to participate in yoga workshops. Even ones that make me angry. Even ones that result in bubble up pizzas and excessive amounts of red wine. Even ones that hurt like hell.

2. Freedom

The Open Road

I have been really low-key about it, but I bought a car recently. It has wheels and speakers and therefore, it is one of the best things that has happened to me recently. I now can plan my days around what I can accomplish and how much energy and monetary resources are at my disposal. I’ve spent several months tied to public transportation, to a limited schedule, limited energy and time and travel companions that sucked the little energy I did have right on out of me. I feel like I have sprouted wings. These wings carry me to yoga class and to the gym and to the coffee shop when I want to write. They let me have dates and outings and too many rendezvous at Target. These wings carry me towards freedom and inner peace. I forgot how happy freedom makes me. And for the reminder, I am grateful.

3. TRJ, my friend

She so easily implanted the idea of a half-marathon in my head this week. I’m grateful to her for providing another thing – and another being – that I have to look forward to in this beautiful life of mine.

4. Babies

Elle in Hat

Sporting my “tea hat” for the tea party

I went to a baby shower today. Talking about and thinking about babies is hard for me. But I made it through an afternoon full of baby only slightly tearing up. No moisture ever escaped my eyelids. It was a beautiful shower, and my friend is a gorgeous pregnant woman and is going to be an awesome mom. Just like me. Someday. AND I got to wear heels. I never get to wear heels.

5. Sage

The scent, not the plant, though the plant plays a huge part in my life too. It’s a scent that has always caused extremely visceral and physical reactions every time I smell it. I recently have been claiming it for my own. For the pure joy of it. To indulge in heady attraction to myself. To draw from the well of my own sexiness. It’s been an empowering experiment.



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