Grateful Five Week 11

1. Spring break

Empty Campus

Yay for Spring Break!

I work on a University campus. Students, as much as I love them, were gone this entire week. I got coffee in under 20 minutes. I walked through the mall without throwing elbows. I didn’t have to see anyone’s errant butt cheeks hanging out of their shorts. When I meditated outside, for the most part, I heard birds and wind and construction workers. I would have to say it was an amazing week. And it almost feels like I had my own mini spring break. Ahh, que refreshing!

2. Wide leg pants
I have a bona fide obsession with high-waisted, wide-leg pants these days. It’s hard to find ones that fit folks with hips, thighs and ass. But me and my charmed life… It’s almost summer and it’s time for them to come out the closet. It’s time for everybody to come out the closet. Celebrate, celebrate, dance to …

3. Driving in the Sunshine
My car’s name is Sunshine, a nickname that has followed me for years. And she’s fun to drive in the sunshine.

4. My amazing lady friends
My buddies. My absolute favorite women. Strong. Beautiful. Human. I want to marry them all! (hmm, together they would make one hell of a mate!)

5. Yoga Certification

Handstand Prep

Walking up the Wall

I’ve been contemplating and discussing getting my yoga certification for  a while now. I love to teach. I love to train. And I love yoga. Why not put them all together AND add another notch to my list of certs and classes? I’ve put some things in the works so that can happen. And I’m super proud of myself.


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