Grateful Five: Week 10

1. The Universe getting me to slow down
Whether it’s fighting with a tangled necklace or being scared into remembering to breathe (damn near peed myself on the sidewalk), the Universe gave me opportunity after opportunity to remember to slow it down and be present. And amazingly, each time I got the hint, things immediately went so much smoother afterwards.

2. Late night text sessions with one of my best friends.
Staying up texting and laughing until 2 AM like we’re 14-years-old? Yup, sometimes it’s necessary and a fantastic reminder of how much I’m grateful to have her.

Me and Dani

She looks mean, but she’s a teddy bear!

3. The insistent nature of memory
We often feel like it’s a curse to remember the bad times in life. We just want that person/memory/time/event to disappear. It’s always helpful to remember that those bad times are lessons. And all lessons are beneficial. Even when they hurt like bloody hell.

4. Giant trees
There’s not much better than lying down in the solid arms of a giant tree. Except for lying in those arms, meditating, and looking up at the sky. That’s admittedly a step up.


One of my Favorite Trees.

5. My iPhone
Meditation, pictures, notes and writing, consistent calls with my mother – I hate to say it, but I’m grateful for it. Those times when I don’t have a notebook or my camera or a pen handy, I am always grateful I can grab my smart phone. I tried living without one. I did it, but it wasn’t pleasant.


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