Grateful Five 2/18/13

I realized yesterday, when it was 9 o’clock at night and I had just one photo that not every day will be a day of visible gratitude. Should I attempt to fill in the blanks or let inner gratitude suffice. Originally this project was meant to encompass gratitude that can be seen, but I’m not sure if that vision is sustainable. Therefore, today, I’ll be doing Grateful Five just a tad bit differently, and it may continue to evolve as I gather what exactly it is I want to take from the project.

Here’s the picture for today:

Gratitude Picture

My sun necklace

I love this necklace! It’s hollow inside and has a tiny latch on the top of it. It’s meant to hold a small piece of fabric which has fragrance. With the fabric inside, the necklace kept spotting my clothes, but without that feature, it’s still a gem. I don’t wear it hardly enough.

A made bed

For the past two years or so, I’ve been making my bed every morning. I’ve got so many blankets on it now that it’s not at all pretty, but to make it every morning helps me feel accomplished and disciplined, and who doesn’t like to come home to a tidy bed at night?

Tucson Sunsets

These will probably make my grateful five quite often. We are lucky here in Tucson because our sunsets are just breathtaking. If those colors don’t make you swoon, we should check your pulse.

A healthy body

Today, I was upset with my breasts. I’d forgotten my sports bra and was fussy because without it, I couldn’t complete my run. But I have beautiful, healthy breasts. Along with my healthy body. Which was able to do hand stands instead of run. it’s all about perspective, right? And that change in thought brought me back to loving my breasts again.

Quirky Tucson

This picture made me chuckle. It’s a bus seat in the shape of the back of a car surrounded by a weird structure with angels on the corner of it. Only in Tucson. seriously.



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