Love Rain Down on Me

I pulled the essence card again this morning. The third or fourth time this month. A very strong urging from the Universe to cleanse myself of all that is not in line with my soul. To embrace my center, my core, my essential being.

In taking that in finally, I went to yoga this morning. Hoped on my bike and headed over to Tucson Yoga, a studio I hadn’t gone to in years. I was suspicious of the lady at the front desk, but when she finally looked up, I was greeted warmly and with a smile. Turns out, Sheila’s sweet as pudding. We chatted a bit before class and then I plopped down next to a gentle-seeming gentlemen. And breathed. And waited.

My pants are soaked from the hips down!

The class was full of good energy, not too strenuous for 7:00 AM but also challenging and reflective enough to wake me up and bring me back to myself. I left the studio laughing and talking about my Vibrams with some other yogis.

Then I hopped on my bike. Grateful for having landed in that studio today. When it started to sprinkle, I looked up at the sky and asked the Universe to bring it on. Bring on the cleansing. And that’s exactly what happened. It poured and I pedaled. And it poured some more. I pedaled calmly home, giggling (and squinting) the entire way…


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