Persistence and Determination

or how my mind hit the pavement dragging my poor body behind.

This morning, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it.

i had 32 minutes of extended running time mixed in with moments of respite in walking form, but I just wan’t convinced that I would make it home unscathed. I was tired. I was weak. I wanted to go home. To be fair, it wasn’t just me being a wimp. I have to place the blame on a really big increase between weeks 4 and 5 in C25K and one little hound dog puppy and his very big voice.

The short of it is that I didn’t sleep very much last night due to said hound dog puppy howling throughout the night. Therefore, when I rolled over, one-eyed at 6:30 this morning, my first thought was “No way. You can’t go running right now!”

I’ve done lots of things on very little sleep. I’ve played rugby games hungover and exhausted. I’ve had full days of visiting and site-seeing after sleeping very little and traveling. I’ve written papers with no sleep and driven cars. I could run a couple of measly miles.

This is what happens though. This is why motivation is so tough. We let our minds convince us of all the things our bodies can and can’t do. “My back hurts. I couldn’t possibly go to yoga today.” “I only have a half-hour. That’s not enough time to workout.” “I have a bad (insert body part here). I can’t do that.” But the fact of the matter is that we can do anything we set our minds to do. And we will accomplish failing at everything our minds tell us we can’t do.

There are plenty of instances of folks who were told they would never walk again who end up running marathons. Folks who were told they were infertile who just wouldn’t give up until they conceived that baby. Cancer patients who are given a short amount of time to live who decided, “I’m not ready to die.” And so they live. These people are living testaments to what our minds can accomplish even when “trained medical professionals” are telling us what our bodies cannot.

Of course, I know there are always exceptions, cases/people/reasons where there was nothing to be done. My point is just to say that for all of those reasons and more, I got my tired heinie out of bed this morning. I put on my running clothes and I hit the pavement. I was tired. It was ugly. It was rough.

But I did it. I could go about my day knowing I ain’t no sucka punk, and I didn’t fail to show up for my health and for my self. I got out there and did it dragging my tired, protesting body along the entire way.


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