Health-care Schmealth-care

Our healthcare system is inept and honestly, doctors don’t know shit. My grandma was more accurate at diagnosing my illnesses even without the aide of stethoscopes and fancy x-ray machines.

I had a doctor’s appointment this week to finally look at this nasty bug or whatever it is that is wrong with me. So I go at my regularly scheduled time, tell the lady that I’m here to see the doctor for my sinuses/allergies, but that also I’d like to have him check me out for some other things.

She looks at me with the most pure look of disdain, “Well, I can’t do that. You’re only scheduled for 20 minutes with the doctor and that’s it.”

Excuse me, 20 minutes? What am I, a cow?

I am completely dumbfounded that a DOCTOR’S appointment could be reduced to 20 minutes. I waited in the waiting room longer than that! And to add insult to injury, the doctor’s phone rings, then he gets up to do something outside the room, and then about halfway through my 20 minute appointment, he opens the door and yells, “Is he back from x-ray yet?”

Apparently, the basketball player who went down to get a look at his whatever is way more important that poor, pathetic little me and my sinus issues.

And this is what we are reduced to here in this country.

Doctors who make it through med school on coffee and cocaine, and leave without a nanobit of personality skills or the slightest idea of how to handle patient care. We’ve got kids running around claiming to be doctors because they learned some bones and muscles in a book and shadowed in a hospital for a year.

What happened to the old guys who seemed like grandpa’s at the time who had been doctors for centuries? He was your mother’s doctor, and your grandmother’s doctor, and he may have been baby sat by your great grandmother. He was probably old and white, but at least he was a REAL doctor!

I’m sure I could make it through medical school. If sure if I tried hard enough, I could learn all the bones and muscles and other minuscule body parts necessary to treat patients. The problem with this is that I don’t like people. And I especially don’t like SICK people, and therefore I would not make a good doctor. So why are doctor’s offices filled with physicians, nurses and aides who act like they could care two craps that you’re there?

Jeez, I’m sure there are some wonderful doctors out there in this world. I’m sure there are doctor’s who spend their summers giving free health-care in Somalia, and traveling to India to help the people there. I’ve worked with quite a few of them, and they genuinely are wonderful people.

My question, though, is why doesn’t anyone care that much about the sick people here?


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