My presentation just DISAPPEARED!!!! I was rehearsing, and I have been like a chronic saver because I didn’t want anything to happen, well, I saved the damn thing and it (#*$#&(#&%^% DISAPPEARED!!! It’s not in the trash, it’s not in my computer. I am soo frustrated and just SAD about so much stuff, I can’t stop crying. And I know i should just get it together and try and do another one, but #)*#*%&#(*&G AAAAAAAAA Can I just get a BREAK!!!!!!
Sorry, I am so at my wits end. I FINALLY try and do something right, I’ve been working on this #%)(#*%)$g thing ALL DAY, and it not only just shuts down.  I would have been okay if I just had to do some things over again, but the (*$&#(%&#g file has DISAPPEARED. Into thin air. DISAPPEARED!! How can it just DISAPPEAR??!!! How does a document just %*&#(%$&%$G DISAPPEAR???!!!! I don’t understand.
I don’t flippin understand.

Thus began an email sent to an amiga mia last night. My first reaction was to laugh. I just started laughing and repeating, “You’ve got to be kidding.” Then things started to get hectic. The laughing turned to shouting as I opened and closed folders and documents with the same result every time: “The document you are looking for is not here, you fruitcake. We already told you it has been moved or deleted. Do not open this search folder one more time or we will erase your entire system.”
Immediately, I began pecking out an email to my professor with the subject line: “!Socorro!” Basically “HELP ME!” She replied back, “just do the best you can to come up with something by tomorrow.” I could have thrown the computer out of the window in that moment.
I wrote messages on the message board at Mac, I wrote frantic messages to my computer friend, though he doesn’t even work on computers, let alone Macs. He’s technical and at 11:30 at night, when my presentation has disappeared, that was good enough for me.
But alas, nothing. No responses. And it was at that moment that my shouting turned to tears. A brief, pathetic torrent of tears in which all my frustrations of the moment were released.
And then I did something I rarely do… I got over it.
I dried my eyes, and I got to work. I redid the whole damn thing without anger, without malice, and though it wasn’t as wonderful as it had been, it was. It existed where the other one no longer did not.
And today, I am happy to report, I got a 9,5/10 on a presentation that I almost gave up on. Perhaps there’s hope for me after all.


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