Sticking it in

Today I had to go back to both school and work. I missed my flight last night and therefore went to bed extremely late. I am so tired I feel physically ill. I am sitting at my desk surrounded by a hurricane that can only be produced when you’ve been gone for two weeks straight. I just sigh and ignore it. I’ll have more time tomorrow.

I wish I were back in the mountains. I have discovered that my sadness and problems here stemmed from this house. It’s always a house (and its inhabitants) behind all the drama in the end. As soon as I boarded that plane to come home, that familiar pinch in my shoulders returned negating my wonderful eleven days of solitude and no matter how much energy stone I rubbed or concentrated thought I gave to positivity, I couldn’t deny the fact that living here with that crazy woman makes me feel ill.

So I am counting down the days until I can escape to other crazy women more familiar and better looking. Hehe I am waiting to see my mother and my family. Waiting to hug my friends who need the love more than I do right now.

Don’t worry, I won’t let Miss Take All the Toilet Paper snatch out all this direction I’ve earned. I’m coming home and I’m coming good.

Now I’m going to do some homework.


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