The Countdown Begins #10

Buenos dias!

So this morning’s reflection will be very short as I have to be leaving in 15 minutes for breakfast, and I’m still sitting in my pajamas!

I just got done playing the guitar, and at the advice from one of the wisest guitar players I know, I stopped watching myself play. He suggested I play in the dark but that scares me, so this morning I just closed my eyes and played. I played and listened for the song that I know is in there.

And for the first time, I played through almost every song singing and playing and of course with a few botches, but I was relaxed and I was playing from the music and not from my fingers if that makes any sense. It was a wonderful little discovery. I wish I had more time this morning.

Anyway, since I did my morning reflection yesterday afternoon instead of morning, I don’t have much to update. Today is my last day and suddenly I’m freaking out. I’m a little sad about it. So I am going to make the best of the day today and prepare myself to leave and head to Barcelona!!

Yippee. It’s been a great time, much needed vacation from the confines of my Alcala prison. And I just keep thinking once I get back, there are only 5 weeks until I head home.

Oh, the bittersweet memories. Hehe

Hasta luego. 12 minutes to get dressed.


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