Off the Wagon #7

Last night, I fell off of the wagon.

There was not an ounce of focus anywhere. After I returned from the library sending my scholarship application, I hit the computer. What was I doing? Making video compilations. Yes, I was putting together my videos from the aquarium in Valencia and also my practices from the week. Putting them to music and cutting out unwanted parts, etc. Until 3 in the morning. Yes, you are reading that right. Three o’clock in the morning.

Very important stuff, I know.

So as my punishment today I cannot go to the bird sanctuary. And that’s enough to make me feel really, really bad and sharply focused. I leave here on Wednesday and unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that Wednesday isn’t one of my days here. I have to leave pretty early.

So yeah, I have to get my arse in gear. Starting today. If by Tuesday I have gotten my goals accomplished, I will go see the birds. If not, then tough tittie, Heathen. But I will get them accomplished today. I needed to clear the space in the house (my work space had become cluttered) and give myself a break. That’s all. 11 days is a long time for someone with the attention span of a child.

Off I go. Sheesh, am I really this unwrangeable/unfocusable??


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