Dancing is Good for the Soul #2

This morning, there was still silence all around me, but there was definitely no silence in my head. I woke up singing. And not singing just any song. I had one line planted firmly in my head. “So what I lied? I lie to meeeeee to.” So I’m trying not to be a freak about it, and chalk it up to chance. No Freudian subconscious stuff going on.

I hope.

More than likely, I just woke up singing something because last night I had a dance party. Seriously. I was cooking and listening to music, then eating listening to music but my mini performance started with “You Got Me” by the Roots. That song gets me every time. It makes me sing and then when they start rocking out… if that song doesn’t make you wanna go all hip hop, you’re just dead inside.

And thank god, I’m not dead inside.

I can’t remember what the next song was that had me jumping around like Cyndi Lauper, but I know it was something from Tegan and Sara. Dancing is good for the soul. I was pretty at peace when I went to bed last night. I might have to have a dance party EVERY night before bed. Maybe I’ll drag my roommate to dance with me. Maybe we might get along a little better.

So today marks the first official day of writing. I overslept even though I set my alarm (maybe I was supposed to sleep later?), but I am sooo very excited. I finished my editing book last night, so I am officially recapped on what I need to look for. So I will begin with my paper edits, and then the meticulous page-by-page, line-by-line stuff. If there’s still time.

I am so ready for this. So first breakfast (basmati rice with sugar and milk and an orange, I have to find a grocery store) and coffee and then she’s off.

Un beso.


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