The Secret

So I’ve figured out the secret… I have to travel to write. No, I’m serious. Think about it. I finished this stinkin novel in November writing furiously on the bus on a trop to Cordoba and finished it off on a bus to Madrid.
I swear there’s a patten here because get this.
I finished my first revision this weekend on a bus to Valencia, Spain. And as an aside, the best part is that I actually ENJOYED reading the darn thing. There were parts where I laughed out loud (much to the confusion of other passengers), parts where I wanted to cry (I cried while writing so the emotion wasn’t as strong the second time around).
It was like I hadn’t written the damn thing. It was my first time reading through the second half. And if my reaction counts for anything, I am praying that someone else will enjoy reading it to.
So…. I’ve decided, instead of spending my spring break traveling alone, bored, I am going to go to a writer’s colony or retreat or something. A week or so tucked away in someone’s paradise doing nothing but writing. It sounds like heaven to me. Hopefully, I don’t have to get on a bus while I’m wherever I go just to be productive.
We’ll see. But damn it, this novel WILL get done. Os juro.

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