Happy New Year!!!!

Today is New Year’s Eve. It sure don’t feel like New Year’s Eve. I am antsy and ready to get the party started. Many things have happened over the course of the year. And as the New Year 2007 started off pretty darn rocky, I’m more than anxious to start this one off a whole lot better.

And so far, my goal is looking closer than I would have thought.

Tonight, I am cooking dinner for my roommate and I. We’re having chicken pesto rolls and for those of you who’ve eaten them, you know how good they are. For the rest, well, sorry. Just take my word for it. Also, I’m making rioja potatoes (Spanish tapa-style), canapés con caramelized onions and a salad. The wine is chilling – we decided to forgo the champagne this year – and the grapes are in the fridge.

I am thinking of my family and friends, have been thinking of them all day. I am officially in my new apartment, so I’ve begun to put up pictures of everyone so I feel like you’re all here.

2008 is going to be fantastic, full of changes and growth and positive thinking. That last bit is for me especially.

I wish you all the best New Years and hope you stuffed 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight in my honor.

*** PS my grape stuffing wasn’t so hot, but the New Year ended with much happiness and began with new friends. I can’t ask for much more than that.


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