Half-way there with only a week to go…

Okay, so my Novel in November project isn`t going as well as I’d originally planned. I have four more days before it’s all over!!! That’s all, folks, four more days. And guess how many words I have. I just a few minutes ago crossed over the 25,000 word mark. Yes, you say, that’s a shitload of words, but I should be at 50,000 by Friday. I am only HALF way to my goal.

Madre mia.

And so I am here trying to write furiously, but I’m thinking, how much good is it really going to do? Do I have the slightest chance of writing 25,000 words by Friday at 11:59 pm?

Granted, on Friday I only had 11,000 words and I didn’t write very much this weekend, if anything at all, so I suppose it is possible. I just am soo blah. It’s a good story, I like my characters, I like the premise. I am an under pressure writer. But the only thing is that I don’t have much time to work it out.

What’s wrong with me??

I’m gonna try and buckle down. I can write 25,000 words in 4 days, right?


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