Finally, a good trip!

I’ve just come back from a weekend trip to Cordoba and Granada in the south of Spain in an area (city, region? Yo no se) that they call Andalucia (pronounced folks, like “Ahn-dah-Loo-Thee-Ah” roughly speaking).

Now any of you who have heard or read about the other trips I’ve attempted with the group know tht I haven’t had the best of luck. Normally there’s a problem of enormous proportions and I rend up wanting to throw someone from the train.

Needless to say, I was a little weary about spending three days stuck with everyone in my program, especially sine I had to share a hotel room with some random person (I thought it was random. In the end, I got to choose someone and she ended up being a pretty compatible roomy!)

Thankfully, I had a wonderful time. I had wonderful conversations with people I had previously written off due to other encounters. The sights were absolutamente impresionante, and the guide was intelligent, easy to get along with and we talked about literature while walking down the streets of Granada. It was a fantastic weekend.

And guess what was right across our hotel?? The BEST Indian food I’ve ever eaten. We ate there for lunch every single day! The papadum was the best I’ve ever eaten. I ate Chicekn Makhani and the nan was scrumptious. I would go back to Granada just to eat there. And I think actually that I will.

I came back surprised. I have some new relationships to explore and I’m feeling a little more positive about my future here.

I recommend the southern area to anyone especially a visit to the Alhambra. Check out the pictures! I didn’t take as many as I did in Toledo but I still took quite a few. And I’ve organized the picutures so it’s a little more separated this time.

Oh and I almost forgot the best part… I saw a REAL flamenco show in a cave in Granada. We took a bus up into the gitana area and went to this place that was cool, albeit a little commercial. But the flamenco was so good, I had goosebumps. I would go back to Granada just to see the Flamenco tambien. I am going to try to put up videos too.

Que bien, I feel all lightheaded just talking about it.


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