Back in business

Me at the Cafe


Okay, so I didn’t write much during my hiatus, but I did take some pictures. In the photos section, hay pictures of our last rugby game (the next is tomorrow), pics of a 21st birthday, pics of a, um, crazy night out with some of my teammates and pics of my favorite park where I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon one day.

The café is open again and back in business. I should have written more. Lots has transpired, but you’ll have to forgive me. I’ve been a little under the weather, under the hood, under, under, under this last week. And next week I have examenes parciales! YIKES!

But the weather is cold, the leaves have changed and are falling on the ground. When I go out I’m bundled up like a baby. I forgot what cold weather is like. Life in the Chicago winter seems like lifetimes ago. Mom, can you send me some more winter clothes???

I’ll be in touch, folks. Is everyone excited about Halloween??


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