Blue Skies and Gray Hairs

The other day, I left my house for school and when I got outside, it was cold. COLD. Like the type of cold where you can play cigarettes in the air. I don’t know if that’s the technical name for the action, but you know what I mean. You can see your own breath. You can imagine my excitement, right?

And the Spanish are easing into the changes with absolute fashionable grace. One of the things I love most about the style here are the scarves. You guys know I love my scarves, and the women here (and the men!!) wear them in some creative ways. Maybe I’ll start a scarf picture collection and snap photos of people with cute scarf style. Lol… just an idea. Sheesh. I would definitely take one of my professor. He is the only man I’ve ever seen who can whip a scarf around his neck and look absolutely secure with himself. It’s great. hehe

I am excited about the changing weather. It means soon I’ll be able to put my four sweaters into rotation.  Very exciting. I’ve already been employing my boots. They like it here too. Next come my footed pajamas. And THAT makes me giddy with happiness.

Know what else makes me giddy with happiness? I woke up one day and found a gray hair on my temple. A curly gray hair right at the edge of my temple. I am soo flipping excited about it. Imagine if while here I went gray. How beautiful would that be? But for now, I have to settle for my one gray hair (I’ve resisted the urge to scour through my head looking for compadres). Maybe I’ll finally start easing into looking like an adult. Now don’t misunderstand me. I’d like the easing process to take at least 50 years, but I wouldn’t be upset if it just began with a couple of gray hairs.

So yes, the weather’s great and I’ve got more gray hairs… I’m going to go rent Mary Poppins and sing “Pretty and Witty and Gay.”

Or maybe not.


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