The power of the North American germ

Todos los estudiantes norte americanos son enfermos. The whole stinkin’ lot of them. One kid who sits next to me in my Phonetics class was plenty offended when I told him (not asked him) to skedaddle to the back of the room if he insisted on being in class spreading his love around.

He didn’t like that idea.

But seriously. We have two sick days for classes, people! Instead of using them to skimp off to Rome where you’ll undoubtedly get even more sick from partying and drinking too much, why not spend it staying in bed where your mighty little germs can’t attach themselves to my weak little ones?

It’s amazing how much sniffling and coughing and wheezing and blowing one is exposed to on a daily basis at the IUIEN. I feel sick just sitting in class.

I’ve been drinking tea, popping Emergen-c™, holding my breath, whining, doing everything in my power to avoid the powerful North American germ. It’s a very powerful critter. It almost got me several times.

But I think I’ve outsmarted it.

I don’t wear my flip-flops outside when it’s 17 C (something to which the Americans REFUSE to adhere). I try not to touch people, sick or not, or objects they’ve touched or objects that people who have touched other people have touched. Which reminds me, I must replenish my supply of hand sanitizer.

I’ve got things to do, folks. I’m a busy woman. Hehe I can’t spend my time in bed with a cup of tea and a box of tissues. Today is a National Holiday which means tonight is fiesta. I’m going to indulge in a wonderful siesta and then head out to do as the Romans do. Tomorrow is game number two!! My shoulder is healing, though I/we decided if I were to play, there would be no placando!!

I’ve got a new friend that I can’t wait to hang out with this weekend. My only wish is that he leaves any germy Spanish friends he may have behind.


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