Ayudame – The "Toughen Monique Up" Fund

Mujers, hombres, todos…
First, that little video has nothing to do with anything.
Second, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I am trying to play rugby and by trying, I mean, I go out and run around the field and try to run faster when I have the ball. Well, apparently, something was lost in the translation when I first showed up to play because today I learned that in order to play I need to pay the league fee… by Thursday. It’s $105 Euros.
And on top of that, I have to buy REAL shoes (my $15 shoes from the Walmart-equivalent apparently aren’t good enough), a mouth guard and pads. Huy…  And apparently, I need all this soon because our first game is on SATURDAY!!! I thought I had at least another month of mental preparation and physical strengthening, pero apparently, NO! This is what happens when I miss one practice. The whole world blows up!
Anyway, I feel like I need this toughening up. Call me crazy, won’t be the first time, but I want to play so badly that rather than quit, I’m begging. PLEASE help me. There. I said it. Otra vez. PLEASE!!! POR FAVOR, ayuda me. Ugly, but sincere. I promise. PLEASE!!! Had enough?
I don’t want to have to quit. Not only will I let an entire team down (if we lose anyone, we can’t join the league), I will let myself down by quitting before I am able to conquer my fear.
Entonces, si tu puedas, if you can, make a donation to the “Help Toughen Monique Up” fund. I promise you’ll be even more satisfied than that time you sent money to the starving children. You can even make a simple donation at Paypal. Remember that every euro right now is equivalent to 1.43 dollars.  Ridiculous, I know, but with this donation, you get a chance to watch videos of me running down the field screaming while running away from the opposing team. That’s quite a prize, don’t you think?
My paypal email address is: lmonique@blackberryaltar.com. All you have to do is go to PayPal and click on send money. I can’t remember if you need an account or not.
Muchas, muchas, muchisimas gracias, and I promise not to ask for anything else until Christmas. I’m thinking a massage membership might be needed after this…
Si tienes preguntas, if you have any questions, send me an email, por favor.

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