Poopy Thumbprints and Cheesy Goodness




By: Johanna Ingram

One good thing about traveling with a group of girls is that you can rest assured that somebody is going to be carrying some hand sanitizer. I love the Spanish, but God bless them, they’re just hopeless when it comes to a ready and ample supply of soap in the bathrooms. Such is my dilemma when our bus to Barcelona made a pitstop at 3 am. I went in to relieve my bladder not knowing that I was going to leave the stall a changed person. Poopy thumbprints on the wall of my stall…

And don’t get the idea that it’s just a Caddy Shack, “babe-ruth-in-the-pool” moment like Monique did at first. These were legitimate and they were disgusting but strangely, they left me in a good mood. I had to start over three times before I could get the whole story out for Monique to hear; I was laughing so hard to which she replied, “I could sure use a cheeseburger right now.”



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