Despite the drawing, I'm not an idiot…

All that whining I did before, ladies and gentlemen, about “como me duele”, consider it nothing compared to the whining I’m about to do right now


Okay, that’s all. I won’t subject you to my useless quejando, but I will say this: I have more lumps on my body than a buckwheat pancake.

But as my new buddy told me, “Si no quieres caer, necesitas correr.” If you don’t want to fall, then run. I’ve never heard better advice in all my life. It doesn’t help me in practice, but for the games, just call me Flo Jo, folks. And for you sad youngsters who don’t know who that is, be grateful for Wikipedia. Now go look her up

Anyway, tonight was another grueling practice, obviously, that was only made tolerable by Mr. Mierda saying we were phenomenol today. Absolutely phenomenal. I felt like a kid being given a cookie for good behavior.

After practice, mi amiga dropped me off at home to shower and change. I walked to the bar sola, and when I got there, habia un swarm of folks standing outside. WTF? is what I asked myself. So I called chica inside, “Oye, estoy fuera,” and she came and got me much to the dismay of the people waiting to get in. It was my first time being a VIP. Hehe… felt kinda strange.

Anyway, we stayed and talked for a while. This chick knows everyone. It was pretty cool hanging out with her because her friends (all guys) treated me like I was one of them. We all sat around looking at the gank (yes, I said, gank) of drunk Americans in the bar. They pointed out the good-looking ones, while in my head I talked about the others. One asked me about my studies and told me what a bad student he was.

Even when I didn’t understand something they had said, they repeated, or explained the word/concept/phrase to me in another way. It was different than talking to the people – guys and chicks – on the rugby team who seem to have little patience for teaching Spanish.

It was a good night. I now officially know that I am a wimp, but i know that I can avoid the ground by using the speed the good dioses gave me. Sure, I’m scared of getting hurt. But I’m going to keep at it, and put this on my list of things I never thought I’d do that all of a sudden I’ve found myself doing. Like being in Spain.

Somehow “joined a rugby team while I lived in Spain” seems to outshine the possibility of my cracking a rib.

But I will, however, be heading straight to the Centro manana to buy a mouth guard. I’m a romantic NOT an idiot.




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