The Joy of Billy goats

Today we went to visit Toledo. This Billy goat was playing his pipe or whatever the bloody hell he’s doing in the synagogue, I believe.  I had heard that the city was beautiful, but I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming amount of sights and picturesque places… before we were even off the bus, I was gasping and hawing like I’d found gold, snapping pictures through the glass of the tour bus we were on (the reason for the many pictures with the green tint). But the thing I was most surprised at was the stunning, albeit gaudy, beauty of the churches and religious sites and all the history that come with them.
I thought the trip would be hard for me, the anti-religious, the Jesus-avoider, the… well, you get the picture. The very foundation of Spain and all things Spanish are based on religion. Por eso, I have had to come to terms with viewing religious things separate from my view of religious people. It has been a humbling experience. There’s no way to be a grumple butt when you’re standing in front of a 20 foot statue of Jesus which is surrounded by a church which took 300 years to build. I could go back again and again. I took almost 400 pictures in Toledo, and it doesn’t take a sign from God to make me realize that beauty, real beauty, transcends the surface definitions and limitations us humans have placed on it. And for that, I’m very grateful. Long live the Billy goat!
** And P.S. Apparently, priests were the first to bling! YOu should’ve seen some of those rings and necklaces! WHEW!

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