Rugby and… kilts?

At the bar

My first Friday night in Madrid… spurred out of a desire to dance and relieve a little stress. Johanna and I headed out early to start with mojitos. We’d stumbled upon an Irish bar earlier this week with good drink specials and yummy mojitos. To our disappointment, when we got to the there it was already JAM packed. People everywhere! But we stayed diligent and pushed our way through. Come to find out there was a rugby game on. I’ve never watched rugby. I’ve always thought it was a retarded dangerous sport. But I found myself there enraptured by the game. These men were running up and down the field dodging and jumping and shoving and … whew. It was pretty hot. And so were the guys.

So we left after a mojito in an attempt to find the salsa bars. Both lovely places I happened to pick have since been closed down. Great, so after walking around for a little bit, we ended up back at the same Irish bar where I met a dude from Savannah Georgia and saw my first REAL Irishmen walking around in kilts. Now if they had broken out in a game of rugby, it might possibly have been the perfect first night out ever.

We’re already looking for the next rugby game.


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