And then there was one…

I went with my Spanish mother tonight to the penultimate day at the fair and one of her friends asked me, “Honey, you don’t have any friends?” I had no other choice but to tell the truth. “Well, no, I don’t.” Thank goodness, my host mother was gracious enough to explain that the other kids are a lot younger, and its not always easy to relate to them. The one I have connected with didn’t feel like coming out tonight.

For those of you who know me, you know how hard it is for me to make friends. The friends I haven’t met at work, I’ve known since birth. I’ve lived in cities for years and made only one friend. It’s difficult. It was one of the reasons I really wanted to live in another country. I knew I needed to push myself outside of my normal limits. I don’t really want to be a recluse forever. It has it’s moments, but I’d much rather have the choice. Entonces, I left the lovely ladies (there were four of them) in the Plaza de Cervantes and I went to this café that I’ve fallen in love with. And there I think I’ve made a friend. She is a mujer negra que trabaja en el café. The first time I met her, she was very warm and greeted me with a clasp of my hand and the traditional Spanish kisses like we’d known each other for years. Tonight, when I was leaving, she asked if I’d be there tomorrow and of course I said yes. She has a great spirit about her. I want to get to know her and she might be able to introduce me to this Spanish life. I personally wouldn’t invite someone to come see me tomorrow if I didn’t want to see that person, entonces, I hope that her invitation was sincere. We’ll see if L. Monique can change her ways and meet other people while here in Spain. Hmm… we’ll see, ladies and gents. We’ll see.


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