The Cutest Thing

Okay, so I’ve been struggling with the fact that I don’t think my temporary host mother likes me. I know it’s silly, but I’m in a new country with new people and a new language and I’m feeling a bit insecure. So that said, I know the Spanish way is very reserved and dry, but sometimes, I’m like, dang, lady.

So yesterday, after our tour, I went with her to pick up her dog (the one wearing the diaper) and then we came back to el apartamento para cenar. I was laying down because my back was hurting when she called me for dinner. She had a salad on the table (delicious!) and this strange vegetable we had with pasta the day before. It was good, but I opted for the salad. No big deal. When she was done with her vegetables, she goes back to the kitchen and comes back with two plates, both with pieces of toast with cheese and tomato sauce.

Why this is the cutest thing ever is because at breakfast we were talking and I told her my two favorite “foods” were bread and cheese and so she decided to give them both to me. I almost cried. It was a really sweet gesture, and made me realize that she is listening, she cares that I am here and I just need to relax. So yeah, that was really a much needed surprise!


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