Lost in Spain!

Today was my first day in Spain and boy what a day it was!!!

I’ve learned that not only do I not like airports, but I really don’t like being trapped in a plane for seven hours. “Today” (since today is now tomorrow or something like that) I was traveling for 13 hours and that doesn’t take into account the time I spent sitting in the airports! No estaba bien.

Pero, I made it!! I made it!! Sitting in the airport waiting for the other students to arrive, I felt like a little kid. I’m in Spain. I”m actually here. I still can’t believe it. This afternoon, after a much needed nap and shower, I decided to walk through the streets. It was great until about five minutes after I’d walked out of the door. I couldn’t get this man to leave me alone. He wouldn’t take, “no thank you” for an answer. He wouldn’t take, “I’m in a hurry” he wouldn’t even accept “no I don’t want to be your friend.” Finally, I learned the secret. I just started speaking more Spanish to him, which he didn’t understand, and he started to get the hint. Who knew I would have to use Spanish as a weapon five minutes into being on my own. So after that, I tried to walk real fast and not make any eye contact. Damn tourists.

Well, apparently, the walking fast worked for detouring the piranhas, pero unfortunately, I got lost. Like really lost. Like I needed up on the “wrong side of town” lost. Finally I had to ask some man with one tooth and two little mangy dogs where the street was. He adamantly denied the street existed.

But with a little skill and perseverance, me and my map and a little blind luck, made it back to el apartamento before it got dark with a mean appetite and fatigue setting in. Right now, I am waiting for my first home cooked Spanish meal promptly at nine o’clock at night.

I am in Spain. Hopefully tomorrow, my sense of direction improves.