Carried away with my visa

So my last entry involved me attempting to not freak out about my non-existent visa. Well Friday night, I sat on the bed, and thought real hard, I mean, REAL hard, many positive thoughts like, “My visa will get here, don’t worry,” and “I can always send a hit man to the consulate office (just playing),” and all that positivity must have paid off because I got the damn thing Saturday afternoon. I was in Target jumping up and down like a fool, but I don’t care. Those folks would have been screaming too if they were me.

Yesterday was my going away party. My loved ones came and I had so much fun. I accidently gave away my mom’s books and cds, but she and the poor guests understood and are going to return them. 🙂 Oops.

To all you lovely people who showed up, thank you always for your support. Thank you always for your love. Thank you always for believing in me and my crazy dreams. A year isn’t all that long and I’ll be back before you know it.

You are loved, and apparently, so am I (not that I didn’t already know that!)


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