Becoming a nail biter

So today is Thursday. Thursday, August 16. Five days before I leave for Chicago. Ten days before I leave for Spain. And do you know what’s missing? My passport. You know what else? My visa. And do you know why? The visa office. Now in case one of them is prowling my page, I appreciate what the folks over there at the visa office do for the travelers of the world, and I can sympathize with their heavy work load and low pay, but for goodness sakes, dudes! Can I please have my crap so I can get on my way??
But I’m being positive. I have ten whole days and I will!! I repeat WILL!! have my passport and visa so that I can happily sit in the Philadelphia airport for six hours waiting for the plane to take me to a different world. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, pray, make a sacrifice, whatever it is you do, cuz I’m going to Spain, dammit!

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